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Just thought I'd let you all know that we've just refaced our website and we've added some new things to it. I still need to add all of the other animals available from our old site.

Give us your feedback!
I like it. I thought your other page was nice though also. What i think is better about the new one is that its more centered. The slide show is a great thing, and now with all the info around the edges, that slide show seems like the main attraction! Which isn't a bad thing as some of those pics are simply amazing. Also, this is just my preference, this page looks to be a bit easier to get around. Instead of a collective "This is what we have," you now (maybe you did before and i didn't see it though) have it broken up into the different genera of Chameleons you have available. Great job :)
i like it the old one was cool but this one is better i also like the addition of the pygmy section.
Great site Mike. This new version retains the attractive look of the old one, and adds to it more function and interaction with customers. I also think changing the main navigation to regular html is a good idea when considering search engines.

Moving thread to the Lizard Lounge :cool:
Mike your site is absolutely stunning. It holds the same character as your old site, just the new site is very easy to maneuver and has ten times more information. Mike all i can say is nice job.
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