Yes, I use it for my superworms, crickets and the roaches. I also feed a gutload mix from mulberry farms, apple, orange, carrots, dog food, etc....
maybe i should give my crickets some of that stuff... i feed them basically just potatoes, carrots, apples from time to time, and lettuce... think that is sufficient? or should i give them some other stuff as well
Dog food and fish food are not great gutloads. I recently discovered that WER isn't selling to the general public anymore, which is really a huge loss because the quality of their gutload was top notch. Cricket Food has a decent gutload as well, though. Or, you can make your own: recipe at Adcham.

RE:what are superworms...

Generally "superworm" refers to a species called Zophobas morio which look similar to mealworms but are larger and darker colored. They are a good supplemental feeder. However, petstores also sell a larger mealworm which was grown to a larger size using growth hormone. These are not a suitable feeder insect since the growth hormone could damage your cham. Just make sure you know the difference since many petstores (even large chains) sell the unsuitable ones.
I have had superworms in my turtle cages for several years now. I have not added any in years so its the original ones that were there that have reproduced. They are still the full/same size so I can only conclude that they are NOT the ones that are fed hormones. Can anyone show me a picture that compares the superworms to the ones that are fed hormones please? I have tried to find it on the web but can't. Thanks.
fish flakes

I have used fish food flakes in the past to gutload crix. After having discussed this practice with several people, it was brought to my attention that the fish food has sources of preformed vitamin A and a number of artifical colour and preservatives. Preformed vitamin A vs. beta carotene is a debate that could start a thread on its own, but it is worth considering.

I stopped using fish flakes and now gutload with oatmeal, spirulina, bee pollen and raw carrot.
Thanks Will!
I haven't seen those giant mealworms either. I wanted to see a picture so I could see what they looked like and avoid them should they ever show up around here!

I was going to comment about the fish food having preformed vitamin A but I couldn't remember where I had heard it and I didn't have time to look it I'm glad you mentioned it cham_man!
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