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Im thinking about getting this guy, does he look ok.


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Thats a knee:D

im getting 2 the other is awesome,just wondering about this one, also what is the exact species ,,,,,k. Multi.?
Yeah, its Kinyongia multituberculata. That boy doesnt look bad for a WC:) If you have any specific questions just ask.
Whats LTC?

Yeah me and another member are gonna take these on and try to start a population.
Thanks, yeah he has had them for 6 months and got them from a guy who had them for a while.
Make sure you hydrate them really well. This species does better with higher humidity and cooler temps than the low land species.
cool, my average temp where they will be is 55-70, with a humidity level of 70% so it will be easy to raise or lower either.
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