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Hello. We are breeders of Rhacodactylus and came into the posession of 14 Fischer's Chameleon eggs. The eggs came to us within hour of laying and were immedietly placed into an appropriate incubator. We have been incubating them since mid November 2006 and understand that it can take upwards of 11 months to hatch, but specifics have been vague. The eggs appear perfect, have increased dramatically in size, glow a soft pink when candled and show sighns of veins. All these things are indicative of life in Rhacodactylus eggs and all species we have dealt with, however we are not seeing any developing embrio upon candling. My question is if this is unusual. We plan to continue incubation untill obvious egg death has occured, but we are simply not experienced enough with Chameleon eggs to determine if this is a natural development process. Does this species take this long to begin embrio developement? Any input would be appreciated.
I am not breeding Fisher Chameleon myself, but Mike from FL Chams might be able to help you. He succesfully hatched some fishers eggs. He is one of this site sponsor, send him a message regarding this or wait for a few days, he should be able to help you. Good luck in the eggs!:D
Hey sorry for the late response. I was at a show this weekend. Don't throw them away. They do well on the cooler side around 67 degrees. Fischers for me take a long time to hatch. I've had them go as long as 17 months and as soon as 11 months. Don't disgard them if they look good.

Good Luck and feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss in depth.
Thanks for the response and we wont be throwing them away. We ar keeping them at about 72 but the summer months push it up near 78. We do out best to keep them low. They do indeed look perfect and it is nice to hear thay can take alot longer than 11 months. That may sound wierd because it means we have to wait longer but all we really want is for the little ones to hatch.
Thanks again for the help.
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