fischer chams? Anyone?


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Hi just wanted to know if anyone had anytype of species of Fischers. I love mine and just wanted to hear some info about others. Mine is shy as heck. He will only eat if he is not being watched:) unless I catch him. And he hated being misted but loves to lick the branches and the leaves (crosseyed mind u). Half the time is is a light banded green with a yellow belly. Sometimes he is a really pretty dark green. I had to handle him once and he turned black as night:eek: oops. Everytime my little brother comes over he calls him ugly cuz of his front horns ha ha ha.
Hi Niki:

I've been keeping Fischer's for about 3 years now. I started with a female , who i lost to a massive prolapse about a year ago. I now have another female and male. They are all Multituburculatum sub species and I'm fairly certain they were WC.

I've tried to breed them for a while now. Of the 2 females I've gotten about 10 clutches of eggs. Most are fertile, but I can't get the eggs to hatch . I'm working on this ...

I also have geckos and panthers , but the Fischers are, by far, my favourite.

The females have incredible character. They will get comfortable with their keeper over time. My first one would climb on me every opportunity. The second one is a little more reserved, so I give her more space.

Which subspecies do you have and where did you get it from?
well I'm not 100% about the subspecies but he looks identical to the one on my pic. There is not a whole lot of information I can find on the diff. species as of yet. Anyways I got him from the Pets Unlimited (I know not the best spot to get him from, but there is not a lot of people with them in Nova Scotia). When I open his terrerium though he comes looking for me:) These species (at least the males) prefer not to be handled, at least mine doesn't. I had a few problems with his eating at first but now he is a little piggy. ALthough he still won't eat superworms (they are too big for him). He seems to prefer it a little colder than normal I have found. What temp do U keep yours at? Basking and terrarium?
I'm not sure about the other species of chams but mine sure does boogey when he wants too. He just flys down his vines when he wants to pursue something. Does anybody with a fischers find they are sorta picky when it comes to food?
I keep the temps at 68F to 90F. They don't spend any time directly under their basking spots , so they could probably do with even cooler high end temps.
I have a pair of the undescribed ones. They are doing well. The female laid eggs in the shipping of course they didn't hatch. I hope to put them together very soon.

I have had multis several times over the years. They do well for me...but I have never had any eggs from them...I always end up with one and by the time I find a mate for the one I have is too old to breed.
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