First worm


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I have been trying to feed my new Ambilobe(Frado) just crickets from a tub in his cage. I guess he has been use to free range crickets so i had a few like that also. I've seen him eat 3 in the last two days but thought i'd try some meal worms since i had them in my fridge for fishing.

He seemed to enjoy them and ate three. here is a video of one.

Cant get enough of this guy and cant believe it took me this long to get back into the chameleon world!
Be careful of the mealworms as they have a hard Chitin shell which can lead to compaction if you feed too many or so I have read. I only ever feed my cam one or two mini mealworms as a treat every few days.
Nice video, he is such a little cutie. I would stay away from mealworms and go for superworms as they are better for your cham. As mentioned above they have less chitlin and are easier for him to digest.jmo
Keep watching him while he is small, it sure doesn't last long. It seems like he doesn't grow at all when you see him every day, then wham, you see he is a big guy.
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