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Hello all.

Im building my own enclosure for a my future cham. I have a few questions about finishes.
I want a "cage" that looks more like a piece of furniture then a cage. I am 50% done with it and have started the staining process.. I will be poly coating the wood to protect the wood from moisture, etc. Should I use a certain product, that wont be toxic to a cham or will any oil based product work? I doubt the cham will eat/chewing the wood so i guess my concern would be vapor or leaching..
Pics posted later.

Welcome to the forums Mike! Search for similar threads, there are maybe some exact advices on the product too, but if not, it is worth a try, and you can see many good solutions on the furniture looked-like cages!
Good luck!
Greetings from Hungary!
I forget the exact sealant I used when I built my cages. Just something from Lowes:eek: You will want to seal it and then leave it outside until the vapor and smell go away. I would wait a week before I put any animals in the cages after I sealed them.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!!

If no-one minds, I would like to keep this thread updated as my progress continues.
If no-one minds, I would like to keep this thread updated as my progress continues.

I dont mind:p I like seeing what people build. I just built simple cages to house my animals outdoors. Nothing pretty:eek:

What species are you interested in getting?

Im really looking at a Jackson, I have read they are a little harder to care for then other species, But look very cool. I did see a few on these forums and one I fell in love with, but his post got delete as it was from the 1st of november. It was gray/green camo looking. He had 5-6 different chams and really didnt want to sell to a first timer. Ive been mainly into tropical fish. I have 2-55 gallon tanks one full of cichlids and one pirahna tank. I hope I can relate some of my experience there, with cham care.

btw, dimensions are 22" deep" 30 wide" and 4ft tall.
My first chameleon was a jacksonii. I wouldnt say they are harder than veileds or panthers just slightly different husbandry. Cooler temps, higher humidity and less supplements. If the animal is healthy and husbandry is correct this species, along with a lot of the other "non beginner" species, should do just fine. I really dont see why people say that you have to start with a veiled or panther if it is your first time:confused:

With that cage size a jacksonii would be in heaven!!!!

I kept cichlids before I started keeping chams. After a while I sold all my stuff to make more room for chams. I have to say aquariums are much more of a pain in the butt than normal chameleon keeping routines!!

Here is a great article from a forum member on the three species of jacksonii.
Got a baby panther coming

Here is some pics of my enclosure. I realize its to large for him now. I want to make the temp right so should I move the light to a lower position as im going to put in a temp roof to keep him in the bottom half. What do you guys suggest? I will be adding legs on it and some more trim. the bottom will be stained the darker color maybe with the legs the pecan color.

Also I went to petsmart to pick up a UVB bulb suggested by everyone on here. They didnt have it. Also I needed some calcium powder w/o d3.. They didnt have it. Then I wanted some crickets his size. They didnt have small or .5. Im not really sure what size he needs but all they had was large ones.




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