First Time

I don't use an incubator for Veiled eggs at all. They sit in closet, on the shelf, lol. Mid 60's to mid 70's works great for them as well. As far as vermiculite goes, they sell them in big bags at the garden store, for dirt cheap. That'll last you many breeding seasons.
In my basement it ranges from 63- 75. Is that ok. Also what about the humidity. What should it be at? At nights it gets cold is that alright?
yea 63 is a lil cool for them at night but if you can find a spot that has temps around 69 at night and 75 to 79 during the day they will do beatiful there but if not your gona need a incubator, the hova bator is a good incubator but it doesnt cool it self when the temps get high so in the summer months you will have to check it dialy or just have it right on the cement floor of the basement that works well to , and as for the humidty just make sure your substarte is moist not wet so just like dirt is under the ground away from the sun , you want the moisture to be right equal with the dirt on the inside on the tupper wear containers, not below dirt level or higher , dont get worried either if you think you misted them abit to much just leave them be for a few days until they need misted again but if you have more questions which i know you do just ask em and all of us here at chameleonforusm will try to help our best

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