First Shed and a funny story

I got my cham (Dax) about 3 weeks ago, I was expecting him to shed anytime now. So on Sunday he decided to start his first shed! My girlfriend (Kelly) and I were out of town when he decided to shed. We talked Kelly's Mom into looking after the cham while we were out of town. I got an amazing voice mail from Kelly's Mom. I wrote it word for word.

"Hey Brent,

We just came over here to mist and feed Dax. He's got like white skin coming off of him ... like he's .. uh... had a sunburn and he's peeling, it doesn't seem normal. He seems fine he just ate some crickets and he's drinking water right now, but his skin is ... well damaged. Maybe we should take him to the vet or something. Call me as soon as you get this. I really don't want him to be sick or something on my watch... Call me , bye"

Hope this made you smile. I had to wait about 10 min, after I listened to the voice mail before I could call her back, I was laughing so hard.
non herpy people say the darn'dest things!! :D

that's priceless!

First off, the story was hilarious. I was laughing my *** off, but then I scrolled down, only to find the word "herpy". Now... while I know you are referring to "Herps" and I know it is not spelled correctly, it seriously made me laugh so hard I couldn't breath. Thank you both for almost killing me... :D
I love the part where she says hes got a sunburn and he's peeling! Thats priceless! lol Man, get that poor lizard out from under the sun lamp hes burning. lol:p
This thread is a perfect example of why i love the forum.:D
Poor little cham with damages skin - did he recover or did he need a vet?:rolleyes:
But at least she noticed and was concerned, the laughs alone make the call worth it. Good that she left a message, she might not have been impressed when you went into fits of laughter.
Whahaha I've had exactly the same situation a few years ago. I would go on vacation for 2 weeks and my parents to look after him. When I was home nothing was to be seen. In the car (5 minute drive) he got like 1 slightly white spot at his side showing he was about to 'explode' soon. We put his enclosure together at my parents house and drove back home, soon as I was home my dad on the phone:

"I don't know what to do, what did we do wrong? He looks like he exploded! Skin al over te place! He blew himself up like balloon! Help! Please come back!

Hahaha, I said it was nothing to be worried about, he just got to big for his old skin and created a new one :p
Even more priceless when its somebody who owns a cham saying something like that!
It has happened! :)
Kudos to your Mum for caring! :)
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