First Irish cb quads


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Our first baby T. quad popped out here today...



15 more eggs to go now, lol.....

Any info on rearing these delicate little chams would be greatly appreciated as this seems as it may be a first over here and very little information is available
Congrats!!! I have never bred or had this species but when I rear babies I just keep them like I do adults. Of course smaller cages and I do not let the temperatures get to the extremes the adults can take (heat wise). I hope they do well for you!:)
I was hoping you'd post your news here too! You will probably get more help on this forum than the UK one. Such a cute l'l baby!:D
What a tiny little miracle. Quads are my all time favorite cham. I will pm you my "quad baby" primer - as soon as I write it. Might not be for 2 days but it will be complete. Congrats!!!!
Congrats on the babies! Very cool. I have some quads I am hoping to breed once they are large enough. Could you share your incubation technique?
The 16 eggs were placed on damp vermiculite that was in a pre set up incubator at 70 degrees and simply left alone until hatching. Checked on every two weeks to allow a little air circulation and apart from that mother nature did the rest, lol.....
Incubator was simply a poly box with a heat mat attached inside the lid and attached to a pulse stat to keep a constant 70 degrees
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