Finished Enclousure FINALLY!


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16x16x30 from DIYcages

water drip tray from LLLreptiles; drilled hole in the side and threw a fitting to drain into a water jug under the stand !

water jug from walmart (after water is fully consumed, do not attempt to fill with water when water jug is freshly open as this may lead to spilling :) )

plants: pothos, ficus, split leaf, fake plants too !
bamboo, fake vines and drift wood
little dripper

temps - basking 88-90f
ambient 70-75f
humidity - 44-55%

although i want a larger cage, i have to control my addictions that are chams...


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you dont have substrate in there on the bottom do you?

dont want your little buddy to accidentally ingest any of that from feeding.

cage looks awesome though. are you using a compact fluorescent for UVB?


Yeah its coconut fiber eco earth, and im using a uvb cfl from zoomed, the 5.0 version

well hopefully you are cup feeding then. if your chameleon shoots a cricket on the floor of the cage, some of the bedding could stick to its tongue causing problems if it gets ingested. substrate is rarely used in chameleon enclosures.

also most people stray away from the cfl uvb bulbs. the linear tube UVB's are preferred and widely used. my local reptile expert suggests the CFL's but most users on here seem to be against them.
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