Finally completed the enclosure for my juvenile Veiled Chameleon!


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Awesome setup! I've been planing on doing the same thing with a parrot cage. Did you remove one side and put that glass in yourself. If so that's great work.


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Hi folks!

After a month plus, made some changes to the cage.

Removed Boston fern as it wiltered n died… supposedly it’s a hardy plant but couldn’t survive…

Managed to save the golden pothos… bought a full spectrum plant light for the plants.

Added Airplants and simply love them. Many species of Airplants and they r very very hardy, no soil is needed and you can hang or mount them anywhere in the cage!

Added a pink lady (callisia repens) to have add some colour to the plants and I love it! Those pinkish purplish leaves are so beautiful!

My juvenile chameleon is doing much better than the plants… it’s growing very well, I think it grew at least an inch and eating like a pig… everyday 8-10 crickets + 1-2 super worms…

Check out the photos of the new plants (Airplants and pink lady) added to the cage! !

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