Finally! Colin's new mansion!


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It FINALLY arrived and the little guy is LOVING it! He will bask for a bit, then go wandering, then back to bask a bit more, then go and explore somewhere else! He seems much happier, and is always a very relaxed colour!

I've included some photos (sorry for the poor quality!), and would love any constructive criticism on the set up that I have for him - I am going to get more vines for the top, and leaves for the bottom, maybe another live plant if I can get hold of something suitable. I'm also awaiting my feeding cup to hang on the branch nearest the front! I came home this morning after a night away and found him as he was in the last photo - I like to think he came to greet me!




When you add vines you should make a row or two horizontal or add a horizontal stick or two at different levels.

That ficus will fill in fast! Remember when you add more plants at the bottom it makes it hard to hunt through the jungle for poop ;) May be a hanging pothos?

He looks like he is happy your home to feed him lol what a cutie!
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Amanda, I have to compliment and also commend you on all you have done for Colin since you have had him. He is one lucky guy and yes, he does look to be greeting you and smiling because I think that is his way of saying "thank you". ;) Cage looks great and a job well done!!!!
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