Finally a warm Day


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:)It was finally warm (22C) enough to take Steve outside for a outing. he is a panther Chameleon approx 17" long. He hung out on my shoulders and head and took in the suns rays. he also gathered a crowd of curious children and adults wanting to know all about him. When I took him inside he was a very different chameleon. he was active and just wanted to move about perky for a subdued chameleon. yes I have to agree nothing can replace the Naturral effects of the Sun. His appetite seems also to be on the up swing even though it was no problems before.:):):)
wow thats a big chameleon! had the same situation with my nose be, he has really gone into overdrive the last few days. Isnt it funny the reaction other people have to seeing a panther chameleon!
Thanks Unbreakable

:) It was interesting to see the reaction from the children when they saw it move on my son's cap which he was wearing. You got the standard Oh Neat!! Oh wow!! comments then with Steve rising up on his hind legs and reaching out to the kids the real questions came out where was it from, what was it what did it eat all very intelligent question and we answered all spent about 1 hour there which only seemed like 5 minute but time flys when you are able to help other people understand about different animals.. My son also has snakes, gecko's, scorpions but has found Steve the most rewarding of all since he interacts with us. I really can't wait to get a jackson the horns remind me of my favorite dinosaur Triceitops
My jackson gets incredible looking when he gets out in the sun. I had him out for about three weeks. It is just to hot even for my veileds. Yesterday it was 95* and over 90% humidity (that is as high as the hydrometer reads). With the heat index that is to much. Plus I do not have a great spot for adequate shade so the temperatures would have to be lower to be safe. If your lucky you will get a jackson that shows off some blue. The greens, yellows and blues just glow out in the sun on my guy.
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