Few Questions of Jackson Chameleon!


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Few Questions about Jackson's Chameleon!

Hello everyone I am new here! I just bought a 4 months female Jackson's chameleon. Actually i had a male long time ago, but i just got lots of mistakes of that, so he was gone. Therefore, I just don't want any more problems at this time and hope that she can live longer.

First, my chameleon seems like doesn't drink. I keep spraying water on the plants but she just no drink. What is another way to make her to drink?

Second, about how much crickets does she need to eat per day? I am giving her about 4-5 crickets per day. Is it all right? Also, any other foods I can feed her?

Third, I live in Honolulu Hawaii. I think the weather is not a big problem for them. But I don't take her outside. So, do I have to buy the UV light for her? And I just bought a 75W red heat lamp for the night time. Is it ok?

Last, her skin was peeling few days ago, but there is still some small pieces of skin on her head. Do I have to take them off?

These are what I wanna ask for now... Ha! Thank for feeling free to answer my questions. By the way, nice to meet you guys!
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If you can safely put the cage outside do it...they thrive in natural sunlight and hawaii is perfect environment. You might even get dew collected on the leaves overnight that she would drink from. I would feed her at least 15 crickets right now...she is in a growing phase.
im sure its been discussed before, but its like ripping a scab off! might still be connected to nerves and will be painful!
is there anything in the enclosure it can rub itself on? the problem is the cham will know when its ready to come off but you dont.
if its not causing it any stress, i would let nature take its course
this is my first cham but i have had many lizards.. and dont peal it no need to.. it will come off when its ready.. and the drinking thing talk to a few people and they never see theres drink either. dont worry aboiut that
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