Fertile Eggs?


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Hello. With much help from all the forum members with Delilah's egg laying, she has successfully laid 62 eggs. She is very skinny and is now able to eat about 5 crickets and a superworm for the next few days, but I am wondering how I will know if the eggs are fertile? I have them incubating at 70 at night and about 76-80 during the day. So how do I know they are fetile? they all seem to be a white color. I will take a few pics and post them on here.
Thanks Zac


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I keep mine at about 72-75F for the first 4-5 months. I raise the temperature up to 80F for the remainder of the incubation. I have noticed that mine start to have veins visible inside each egg after about 4-5 months when held against a powerful LED light. Hold on to them regardless. If you place them up against a light, be sure and mark the egg before moving it so that you keep the up side up. Rotating them can damage or drown the embryo.


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In most cases a week or two time will tell if they are good or not. If not they will mold over. If they make it a month chances are better they will hatch. Still eggs can last a heck of a long time have nothing come of them.


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Hi ChameleonRave. I was told by Laurie on her that if my temps are at 26 degrees (Not sure what that is in F) my eggs would hatch in 5 - 7 months
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