Females and egg laying


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I recently adopted a 1 1/2 year old Jackson's who had previously been bred once.

Now, I'm assuming that since she's been bred once, she'll continue to lay eggs, right?

If that is so, how often will she do this and can you direct me to a link or two that would tell me what I should provide for her. I want to be a really good cham mommy! We love little Karma and think she's just amazing to watch. She finally ate VERY well for me yesterday so I was tickled and had to call my husband up to watch (from a distance, of course).
I don't have much experience with female jacksons.. i have only kept one and he was a male but i do know that female jacksons give live birth. I am not sure if there are any complications with this, but I don't think that they become pregnant without being bred the way that panthers and veileds do. I may be way wrong though, so anyone, please feel free to correct me.
THANKS! I didn't even bother to look it up as I had no intention of breeding her but have seen others talk of problems and didn't know that Jackson's were different.

I just did and you are correct. That is such a relief to me now!
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