Female Vield + Male Panther = Breedable??


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i have a pair of Male and Female Vield Chameleons.. i also have a Male Panther Chameleon... well apparently my Panther has the hotts for the Vield Female.. what i would like to know is can you breed?????

like is it possible???

someone please let me know if you have any knowledge:D
Goodness...not again :rolleyes:

Yes your Panther will 'have his way' if he can with your Veiled female if you allow them to be together but nothing will come of it (except your Panther getting his rocks off & feeling very manly for a while).

If you want to breed then stick to Veiled on Veiled ;)

How old are your Veileds?
Interspecies aggression may occur if you're not careful. They're not even the same genus so the eggs would not be fertile. You should not encourage interspecies breeding nonetheless...
let them mate and incubbate the eggs....

i want a baby:D....panther/veield crosses rock!!! they have intense color with a high casque...and they are normally larger than the norm:cool:


nah man...nothin will happen......and hey....he must be open-minded to have a thing for your female veield:D haha
:D My male veiled puts his moves on my small male panther. Though it ended bad the few times it happened.
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