female veiled won't keep eyes open

my female veiled won't keep her eyes open. i keep her outside on my porch so she has natural sunlight i mist the cage three times a day and i dust the crickets with calcuim every feeding . this just started happening. the calcuim is without d3 because they are outside. what might cause this i did provide her with a nest box in the cage but she never used it
Going back through all of your posts it seems that you have lost alot of Chameleons in the past few years. Something has got to be wrong with your husbandry. When you say porch, are you saying covered porch? Are your chams getting direct sunlight or indirect sunlight. Are they getting enough UVB? The other thing is that you are in FL (as I am), and you are considerably closer to the smoky fires. Reptile lungs undoubtedly are sensitive to that. Are there things (birds, lizards, cats, people?) that could be stressing them out?
How long are you misting your chameleon? Do you see her drinking? Does her fecal matter look like what would be expected from a healthy chameleon? She most likely needs to see a qualified veterinarian.

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Its not normal for a chameleon to shut its eyes during the day....I would advise you to take it to the vet.

Would you like to go over your husbandry in case there is something that needs to be looked at??
the chameleon still eats and drinks she just doesn't keep her eyes open. i moved them into the house until the smoke cleared up after i lost my baby jackson. i have had this female since she was a baby which and she is 2yrs old. i turn on the soaker for 3 minutes at a time right now becuase i have a problem with my water well and can't use a lot of water all at once right now. none of my chameleon are stressed out and i don't keep any of the same species near each other to help prevent stress. here is the photo of my female and the cage setup she is in. the large three cage has my female jackson, my female veiled, and my male jackson. they all do fine in the cage because the don't see each other. cages on top of that cage contain a senegal in one and a trio of giant day geckos in the other


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It is kind of hard to tell from the picture, but is the porch that your cages are on have glass windows?
I think the chamcages should be on a table or something. They are to low and the chams have to look up at you should be the opposite.

Thats probably not the solution to this problem but may be a good thing in the long run.
Again, do they get direct sunlight being on a covered screened porch? UVB could be an issue here. Also you said you do not keep any of the same species near each other. They don't have to be the same species to stress each other out. In the picture it looks like there are see-through dividers between the cages.
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I am not a veiled keeper, but does her eye turret look dark bluish toward the bottom? Bruising or swelling, maybe?
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