Female veiled questions and update on Kiwi


Kiwi seems to be enjoying her new cage! 😀 She was a little aggressive to me two days ago. I thought maybe she loves it so much she's defending her new space? Or maybe the change is still stressful? She's found a new sleeping spot on her schefflera.

It also seems she's been doing some gardening... Is this normal behavior? 😅

I have a few questions about her lay bin. I've seen different suggestions on the size. What is best? Also, how often do people change out the sand? I have drainage holes in the bottom, but it seems to still hold water, and I'm concerned about bacteria and nasties growing in there.

Haley Hendrix

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Yes it is completely normal for a chameleon to be grumpy for the first few day- weeks they are in thier new enclosure. It’s a new adjustment and she’s a tad mad. Imagine you getting put into a whole new home, you’d want to adjust before people start messing with you. Give her some time and allow her to adjust. As for the lay bin @MissSkittles can help you.


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I found my girls prefer larger lay bins...like around at least 13” long & wide. The sand needs to be around 6” deep. I didn’t have any problem with drainage of my bins. Maybe it’s because I had it slightly elevated on a sink drainer mat thing. (Pic below) If you can, maybe consider putting a plant next to your bin to provide a little bit of cover for it. When I think my girls are close to laying, I cover just the lower half of their enclosure so they feel safer and more comfortable in starting their process.
As for the grumpiness...actually she probably is defending her awesome new home. You gave it to her and it’s hers now and she wants you to stay out. :ROFLMAO:
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