Female veiled Chameleon


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We got our first Chameleon in august 2010 from a Garden center including her first tank. They didnt recive proper care there and within a few weeks we were taking our first trip to the vets. MBD as we suspected.

With lots of care and attention we got her through it and she is now thriving and growing quickly, though still small for 9 Months old.

About 2 weeks ago we noticed a change in her, she roams her enclosure constantly as if searching for a nest site.

About a week later she starts to show yellow splodges through the day. Her belly is slightly swollen.

We have a 12x12x12 container with moist playsand/peat in the bottom of her enclosure that she shows no intrest in and we also set up a laying bin for her, though she showed no signs of wanting to lay mearly to escape it. Trying to climb walls ect.

We have her enclosure (2ftx2.5ftx5ft high) in a open alcove off of the front room with a curtain to give her privacy. though we try to stay well away at the moment we have to keep an eye on her as she keeps trying to climb on the vents as if she wants to get out.

I guess my main question for anyone who has been through this before is this.

How long after Yellow spots turn up are Veiled chameleons ready to lay?

Vid 1
Taken about when we noticed her starting to roam

Vid 2
About the same time just to give you an idea of size.
Thank you for the links. It was your laying bin blog that
Prompted me to do the same last week.

Were booked in to see the vet on sat so il be picking his
Brains too. My main problem at present is not knowing when to move her
In to her bin
If you could post some pictures of her from different angles that would help. I watched your 2 videos but couldn't really tell if she looks ready to lay. If unsure you can always put her in the big laying bin with no way out and leave her for 2 to 3 hours and see if she starts to dig. If she shows no signs of digging then she's probably not ready. X-rays from the vet can tell you if she has eggs and if the eggs look normal. Normally they go off food for a few days before laying but not always.
il try and get some better pics/vids today. She went in to the laying bin yesterday for 2.5 hours but showed no signs of digging. Will try her in there again tomorow morning.
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