Female Veiled Chameleon having trouble laying eggs?? Please HELP!!!


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This is my first post, and I joined today because I am extremely worried about my cham! She is a veiled chameleon around 4 months old. She has recently been frequenting the ground of her enclosure a lot more often. At first it was just because she was hunting, but now she has taken to laying on the bottom for long periods of time without moving. She has been doing this for almost a week now! She appears very weak and shaky, and is paler than usual. She is still pooping regularly, and has not once tried to dig.

Could she be trying to lay eggs?? How can I be sure that she's gravid?

If so, please give me some advice on a laying bin. I have been trying to do some research but am getting some mixed information. How long should I leave her in there undisturbed? I really hope I'm not too late!
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