Female Veiled Chameleon Foot Problem please help


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Hi i have a 5 month old female veiled chameleon who is showing signs of some type of foot condition. I care for her by the book and follow every chameleon care fact there is and she looks healthy except for her foot now. It has turned somewhat pinkish and is hard. I have seen her move it with no problem but it looks different from any other part on her body. It looks as if maybe it didn't shed with the rest of her body and now the skin is stuck on it im not sure. Does anyone know what this is? Thank you for your time. DSC02511.jpg



Yes she can grasp with it and she climbs fine. It looks like she doesn't prefer to use that foot but she does use it. I was thinking the same thing but theres nothing wrapped around it. is it possible for a chameleon to not shed in one place so that every time she gets bigger the area gets tighter?
i know what you are saying but have never seen this before so I do not know what to tell you. If you think it is old shed maybe you could try soaking it in warm water or try misting it directly with warm water also. Maybe someone else on here has seen this and knows what is going on. If not, I would say a vet visit should be in order, especially if she is favoring it.
Could be an infection....is she missing any toenails on that foot? Could it have been caught/squeezed somewhere?

Hi no it has all of its nails and as for it getting squeezed or caught somewhere i have no idea there aren't any places for that to happen in her cage. I don't have the money at the moment to take her to a vet so i have tried warm water soakings and liquid antibiotics but they have been no use.
If it is an infection, antibiotics won't likely help without the area being cleaned out. Chameleon "pus" is usually the consistency of cottage cheese and isn't cleared up by using antibioitcs.
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