Female Veiled Acting Wierd


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I recently bought a second enclosure for my female veiled, so I could separate her from my male, with whom she had been living happily for the past 5 months. She seemed to like it enough when I was setting it up, but now that I have her living in there, she doesn't seem to like it. She keeps her colors dark, and hides most of the time. I have tried changing how close the light is to the cage, increasing and decreasing the humidity, and the air flow, but nothing seems to make her happy. Could it be that she just misses the company of another chameleon being around? Any help or Ideas are very welcome.



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Could she be gravid?

Okay....strike that. She might well be gravid. Do you have a laying bin for her? Even if you never saw them mate, she is old enough to bear infertile eggs and she will need a place to do that.


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It isn't necessary to place her in the laying container, but you can if you want. If it is in the cage and she can see it, she will find and use it if necessary.
How recently did you separate her? If it has been a few days, it is normal for them not to eat for a few days and display darker coloration during the adjustment period.
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