Female Panther Eye Problems


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Hi guys!
I have a female panther chameleon that is about 1 year old. Recently she hasn't wanted to eat but when I put her in the shower she will drink. She normally really likes meal worms, and has a few crickets roaming in her cage. She started to have this weird clear eye goo in her eye. I thought that the shower would help her get it out, but it hasn't and this morning she started rubbing it on the leave, but that was the first time I saw her do that. Who else has encountered this? She has a mesh cage, a 5.0 UV light, a heat lamp, vines in her cage and when she does eat we dip the worms in calcium powder.(its one of the Repti-___ I just dont have it infront of me. Its the one with D3 too)
It sounds as if there is some type of infection. Probably needs to see a vet. If she was just closing her eyes I would say maybe there was an issue with temps or lighting. By the way what are you temps- cage and basking? What wattage is your heat bulb?. Also you should only be dusting with the calcium with d3 twice a month or so. Get a regular calcium with no d3 to dust your feeders with at every feeding and also a multivitamin to dust with twice a month. Are you gutloading your feeders, meaning what are you feeding them?
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