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Hey guys!

I’ve had this little one for a bit over a month now. The owner told me I was taking home a female. I looked up about how a female needs a “laying bin” for her eggs and came across an article about the differences in female and male veiled chameleons. It made me take a closer look at Michonne, and now I’m wondering if she’s a he or if I had it right this first time. Any help would be appreciated! I’ll post pics

Also, I don’t handle her often. The pics are from when I was switching her/him to a bigger cage.


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Thank you! It’s been insanely helpful read all the past post for the last month. You guys have great advice! I made the mistake of buying a starter cage from Petsmart, and I realized that was a horrible mistake once I found this forum. Michonne is thriving thanks to all the helpful tips.
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