Female jackson w/ a slight horn...


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Hey i was just tryin to see how my chams are on a scale of things i guess...

I have a female jackson with a slight front horn... red phase too i know the horn isnt normal but is theis somthing cool or does this show up alot.
ill try to post a picture soon.
Oh im positive she is young but i kow its not a male and its only the front horn and its a very small horn but you can definately tell its there its sooo wierd thats why im asking
Check her out....


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like i said its not a very big horn but still its there. is that normal or is this somthing pretty cool lol
Thats not unusual some males wont breed with a female unless she has a horn, you have a breeder . With some motane species males are the ones that need the coaxing .
oh ok thanks for the info. so you cant breed all jackson's chameleon's you can only breed females with the horn. thats cool.
If you look close you can see the other two horns as well. Some will even have bigger ones that that. How old is she?
yah it seems its not that uncommon but does anyone know what colors usually show up in children of red phase jackson's or does it only depend on the father's colors??
its like any animal. if the mothers parents both carried the red trait then if bred with a green you got a 50 50 chance. but if the red was already 50 50 if bred with another green then 25 percent. but since the red gene is present there is a good chance some of the offspring will be red. has any one kept all males from a clutch to compare how they look to the parents? an expensive experment but i wonder if any one has done this.
yah i figured it would be somthing like that. I know the male i have comes from a bloodline that the original male had a baby blue tail with a sunburst yellow stripe. the females not to sure, but it'll will be interesting to see what happens when they breed. any one know the signs of a receptive pair of jacksons??
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