female jackson together?


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Hey everyone. I was wondering if I can keep 2 adult female jackson chameleons together? Also I live in Florida and was wondering If I can keep them out in the pool area? I am going to breed these 2 with my male jackson and probably going to move my veileds outside too. Please let me know if this is possible because I know the jacksons like the temps alittle cooler. Also if I can put them in direct sunlight or have them shaded or... Also, is this going to effect my supplements I give my chams? I give my veileds calcium 3 times a week and vitamins 1 time a week when they are inside. I give my jacksons calcium 2 times a week while inside. I plan to build 6-8ft tall by 2 ft wide cage for the females. Thanks. Craig.
I asked Mike about keeping the Veileds outside and he said it is way too humid for them in this area and they do not do well.
If you can keep them outside where it's nice and humid, great! Just make sure that it doesn't get too hot, cause these guys don't handle hot hot temps too well. I would keep them in at least partial shade as well. As far as supplements go, You just need calcium supplement, as they're getting their natural D3 from the rays outside.
Now, as far as keeping them together, I never recommend it, just for the simple fact of stress. If you're building a huge cage for them anyways, why not put a divider in it? One that they can't see through of course, but it's only an extra piece of material, and it will make them so much healthy and happier in the end.
Thanks for the replys. Actually the veileds can be outside because their temps need to be 86-110F and very high humidity(from what my cham book says). The jacksons iam alittle nervous on. I going to be building the cages very soon.
FYI-Where Craig lives (about 15 miles North of where I am),the temps hang in the mid to high nineties for most of the summer. My pool stays a constant 92 degrees as it is in the sun all day from this time of year through September if that gives you any idea of the constant blasting heat.
Hey Julirs, yeah, iam going to keep it in a partial shade too. Here is a pic of what my pool area looks like but my male veiled is in the way.lol.

If possible I would like to do both chams in the pool area. Thanks for the reply. Craig.
hey julirs, actually that is an old pic. He is starting to show his adult colors now. I just wanted to show that because thats what the pool area looks like and wanted to show you. Thanks. Craig.
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