Female Jackson cham horn falling off


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I have 2 jackson's cham a male and female breeding pair. both chams are very healthy and are housed accordingly.
I have owned them for over 2 months and both are eating and active they are housed separately in large mesh enclosures.
Last week we noticed after her shed our females horn developed a ridge around the base of her rostal horn about two weeks later it fell off.
Now she has a small point that looks like a tiny horn growing in the middle where her horn used to be.
Any one ever heard of this happening before? As far as we know she has suffered no trauma, but she is wild caught and may be pregnant. We rescued the pair from a ill equipped pet store they were all black but are now fully colored and healthy they were dewormed and have had healthy stool tests. Will this horn grow back?
temp and humidity are all within acceptable perimeters.
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