Fellow Floidians!


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Good question! It would be nice if they were good for something.

I'm not sure if they'd go for it though. I tried feeding some to some wild brown anoles one day while I was bored at my internship over the summer. They'd pick them up and then spit them out very quickly. The insect eating fish we had in the touch tank aquarium I was "baby sitting" would spit them out too. I'd imagine they'd taste pretty bad since their guts can eat away at the paint on your car. lol


Camille is hilarious.....not yet.....not yet.......NOW!!!

I was thinking when Sayid is in his Gardenia bush he is going to see them amongst other things, just wanted to make sure it would not hurt him if he decided to take a snack. Got him three baby prey mantis this morning!


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Love Bugs are toxic to most animals, thats why nothing eats them. I know they will kill fish a friend tried them as a feeder. From everything I have heard they should not be used as a feeder for any animals.
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