feeding wax worms

Hermie loves wax worms (if I'd let him, he'd eat nothing BUT them). I have herm "trained" to eat off of a spoon ... when he was younger I brought all of the crickets into his cage on a spoon and he would grab them off the spoon with his tounge ... so usually he'll do the same with wax worms. BUT if he's taking a while to make up his mind I just put them on a leaf near him so that he can see them .... they're always gone within 10 minutes or so. Be careful not to put them on the ground, I've had some fall on the ground and the crickets will eat them, which is kind of a waste...
My cham Ezhno also loves the waxworms. I usually offer some a couple times a week and feed by hand.
Hand feeding will not work with all chameleons. Will has the best suggestion.
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