Feeding nothing but dusted Crickets but his feet?



My baby is only probably 3 months old from some of the photos I have seen and he is eating sm crickets like mad and I am dusting them but the problem is that the calcium powder is getting stuck on Ozzies feet so how do I get it off? I tried soaking his feet in a shallow bowl of warm water but it still did not get it off. What would you suggest? I am afraid to pick or rub it off in fear of hurting him.

Also what other things can I feed him besides sm crickets cuz I bought 110 small crickets at the Repticon Show but prolly half of them are already dead and now he is almost out. I can get more but was wondering if I can feed him meal worms also? Thanks
How is he getting the dust on his feet? When you dust crickets you want them to be just a slightly lighter shade of brown, not little white ghosts running around. What are you feeding your crickets before you give them your Cham? Just dusting them is not enough for good nutrition, you need to also be gutloading well. if gut loading isn't something you're familiar with do a search for previous threads on the topic, read sandrachameleon's blog or feel free to ask questions about it!

Crickets are generally used as a staple because they are gut loaded so easily but worms are great to add as well. The best worms to use are silkworms, hornworms and butterworms, which you usually have to order online. Superworms are a better alternative to mealworms because the latter are not very nutritious and have a high chitin ratio which makes them harder to digest.

I wouldn't be concerned about the dust on your cham's feet, but I do think that means you are dusting too heavily. It sounds more like he may be shedding on his feet so your just seeing the white skin flakes starting to loosen. Maybe a picture?
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