feeding hatchlings

There is no spider stage. Where did you read that? Its come up a couple of times and I can't seen to locate where this ridiculous concept came from.

In the "Chameleon Handbook" I believe it made a referance to feeding neonatals, spiders. I could be mistaken but I only checked it out once from the library.

In the "Care and Breeding of Chameleons" vol.1 say that neonatal veileds can be offered small snails. I could be wrong I just can not picture a snail in a veileds native habitat or where I would get one. I believe this book made referance to feeding spider to neonatals too (maybe in the Jackson section), although, I could not find the book to glance back through it.

These books are dated and vague. Once on the internet, taken out of context for the time they where wrote this can turn into anything.
i was reading about it on another thread. the person said "don't forget about the spider eating cycle " i never read it before. i was thinking hatchling veileds do better if they eat somekind of spider because if they do better i need to know what kind of spiders they are to eat .has anyone had veiled babies and feed them spiders.
i was with the belief that very tiny crickets and flies are the right food ,thats what i was calculating the other day was how many plastic bins i would need plus space to feed up to 50 baby veileds ,then also how many gallons each container should be.

i was thinking 3 - 33 gallon containers and 5- 18 gallons

and 24 cricket breeding trays plus your egg crates,water crystals,potato etc.

ive read about the wingless flies but have not gotten into the details of reproducing them,what i read is that if i buy these cups they keep producing on there own for maybe 4 weeks might of been 3 and i could buy maybe 8-12 off these and they are cheaper buying in multibles if my eggs hatch all the sudden and i don't have tiny crickets at the time.
You are wise to start planning veileds hatch together, unlike other species where the hatching is spread out.
You may be able to stagger the hatching by having the eggs in groups (multiple incubating containers)

the plastic containers are better cause you can put 5-7 animals in at the same time thats what i do.
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