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Guys, I was tring to figure out what kind of cups you guys use for feeding, vegies and insects and where do you put them at in the cage?
Clear cups can confuse them. They may try to shoot through the plastic. I like the Bill Strand invention that was already linked here.
My version of it is on the Kitty blog. It works great!
I only feed collard greens or romain lettuce and clip it to a branch.

Thanks and where would you place it at? High, middle, low in the cage. Next to foliage or in an open space? Under or next to the light or somewhere with shade? Thanks again and sorry for the questions lol.
It needs to be accessible (have a branch that goes to it and alongside it) other than that it depends. High, low, middle....
You have to be patient, it will take your cham a little while to figure out that this is where the food will be.
It's harder with really young ones if they are used to free range feeding. Older ones seem to adjust faster.
I like the design with screen up the back because the feeders climb into view and attract the cham to the cup much faster.
I have actually taken the screen out but it was there for a long time and now Kitty just knows to go look in the feeder.

i use a small ziploc container, i jsut cut it to a 3/4" lip on the lid. it works and sometimes they get out but they still dont alst long.
Thanks guys, appreciate the advice, since my cham died, I'm making my cages as perfect as I can cause I plan on getting vieleds again. I'm trying to make them as cool and as comfortable for them as possible for the future but right now I'm setting up my 22 gallon repteriums for them. Thanks again, and I'm going to consider all the advice givin'.
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