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EH how is every one? so im looking at getting some brevicadatus. The more i look into them the more i want to get them. i was just wandering what is the best thing to feed them? what combination of feeders would you recommend and what is best to feed the feeders?thank you for any help.
I have so far had a hard time finding much small enough except crickets for my brevs. I ordered some small silkworms, but they quickly grew too big. I think some brevs will take phoenix worms, but mine won't look at them. Since it's gotten warmer I've put in the odd housefly or moth, and those disappear quickly; but really crickets form the majority of their diet. I'd love to hear if someone knows of a roach small enough.
Crix should be the staple and treats like wax worms and wax moths are good too. I also feed blue bottle flies to the adults (grubco.com). They may look big but they are soft and the brevs have no problem with them. On the occasion I feed mantid nymphs (ebay). They may also bee eating the pill bugs in the enclosures but I think they really don’t prefer them (I hear the white pill bugs are enjoyed though). I don’t suggest roaches in the enclosure unless you are going to cup feed them. Free ranging roaches isn’t a good idea – they hide too quick and will end up breeding in the tank. Another feeder is fire brats.

Would fruit llies be a good idea? Seems easy enough to get them by just leaving out fruit. I would fashoin a nylon/mosquito net cone/umbrella above the food source and get them into the cage that way. I'm just making this up as I go along, but I've a clear picture of how I would make the fruit fly umbrella and perform this.
OK, Roo, what are firebrats? I know Hieka mentioned them before, but I have no idea what they are or how to get them!
Firebrats are really cool because leafs seem to relish them. I wish I had more.. I actually went looking for more a couple months ago because I want larger producing cultures. The person I bought mine from doesn't have them anymore. I have two cultures, and I am not feeding out of them at this moment because part of them are going to another keeper as soon as the weather warms up. If only they produced a little faster... I suspect I am not keeping them in optimal conditions, although I have read everything I can find on them.

Anyhow, firebrats are related to silverfish. They like it hot.. really hot.. and humid. They are small and fast, but even large chameleons like panthers love them. They can't climb glass or plastic, and are about 3/8" long. When they get loose, they are supposed to chew paper, but I have had plenty loose ones now and haven't had a problem with it.

Here is a picture of some of mine:

Wow, Hieka, I saw the pic and thought, "Silverfish!" I wonder how they're different. I have lots of silverfish in my attic :)mad: )...can you say "free food?" I wonder if plain silverfish are OK food for chams; does it depend on what books/papers they've been eating? :rolleyes:
Hello everyone, I have the same problem. what to feed for my 3 pygmys? I just ordered some locusts which just hatched and put in their viv. but they not interested at all. today when I arrived home all the locusts were still alive and ate a lot of the plants which didn't make me happy, I quickly removed them and gave the little ones some usual food which is cricket. I'm worried what will I feed for them if they gone off cricket or does pygmys never get bored with the same diet? /Users/pappagnes/Desktop/DSC02204.JPG
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