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how many crickets daily should a 3 month old eat (3 in w/o tail)
also is it better to feed them all at once so they scatter around the cage or one at a time after he has eaten the last one.
I would feed about 6-8 1/4" crickets, once a day (make sure you are dusting with calcium). As far as one at a time or free range, it depends on the size of the cage. If he is in a fairly small cage, I would free range. If it is more of an adult enclosure I would Cup feed. Make sure you remove any crickets that are not eaten before night time, or check in the dark and remove them. This is just my opinion, take what you will from it, I am sure others may say diffrent.

here is a pic. he's eating 1/4 to 1/2 in crickets and mealworms


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