Feeding a 4 month translucent veiled chameleon


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My veiled chameleon is about 4and a half months old. So far for the two weeks I have had him he has eaten nothing but small crickets. I offered him some wax worms but he dis not eat them. Not sure I'd they were too big or something but they were pretty small worms. Any one have advice who to interest him in eating them or have any suggestions on what else I could feed him at this young age? Thanks
Have you let him settle in or have you messed with him constantly? They need time to get used to their surroundings.

Even if he is only eating small crickets, it's still something.
My guys have never eaten wax worms, just as well I suppose they have very little nutritional value. As far as alternatives, skys the limit, hornworms are good, roaches, hatching mantids, silkworms, the list goes on, variety is the key
i dont think i have messed with him. All i do is feed him and water him and clean his cage. I have only held him one time. I offered him the worms on my hand becuase they said thats the best way to start hand feeding him. He didnt take them off my hand so i put them in the thing i put his crickets into for him to eat and he only ate the crickets. He does not like being sprayed at all so for the most part i try not to spray him i will just mist above him and stuff. I dunno im still new at this = /
My cham is a fussy eater, but she adores Locust as we discovered recently. Perhaps you could try some very small Locust on your guy. Somebody on the forum told me that as long as the food is no bigger than the space between your chams eyes then it is fine. Hope that helps. :)
i saw a thread that mentioned putting the crickets in a small container in the enclosure to make it easier for the guy to locate his food. i did this with an opaque tupperware bowl - he shot his tongue out at the side of it! i think he was discouraged after getting cold plastic instead of a hot meal.. so its important to have a bowl that is not translucent. i put camouflaged tape around mine. it looks pretty cool - but more importantly, he'll go at the crickets from above the bowl instead of at their shadows from the side.. so anyways, it might help out your guy if his prey is a confined to a smaller area at a consistent location.
Mine likes waxworms and he is just 5 months old. I have to put them on the branch and he will eat them when they start crawling on the branch. He just had to figure out there is different food out there that looks different.
try med size superworms, or 1/2 size crickets, my cham only eat his plants, full size crickets, and full size superworms he is turning 5 months this week.
at 4 months he desided the small crickets and small/med worms were no good for him.

tonight he did eat 5 worms from my hand and didnt want to shower alone. tryed putting him on his plant in the shower like norm but he turned his scared colors and wouldnt let go of me so i hoped in with him and we cahnged to his happy colors, after the shower is when he ate from my hand. then he didnt want to go in his cage.

i havnt had luck with ordering feeders online so i am waiting for locus and other feeders to be in stock.
he wont eat silkworms, hornworms, mealworms. he just looks at them then moves on.
few more days and his new cage will be rdy, just have to put the screen on after the sealent cures.

best of luck with your guy
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