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Does anyone know any cheap Feeder delivery services in canada? I've come to the conclusion the 5k walk to the petstore every week is getting VERY tedious.
I looked into it a while back and found a few companies although I never ended up using them so I cannot really give my opinion on them. I believe they were www.feederfactory.ca and canadianfeeders.ca I may have those wrong but you can try them. One of them is based out of Windsor and I think they are usually at the Mississauga reptile expos.
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Have used both companies feederfactory.ca and canadianfeeders.com.
If i am just purchasing cricket i use feederfactory as it is a little cheaper. Canadian feeders is good for their selection; however, they can be a little pricey. Shipping through feedefactory orders can be taken up (and paid for) until wednesday by i think 6pm? for same week delivery. Canadian feeder orders must be in and paid for Saturday at 6pm for delivery during the following week.

Rob from Canadian Feeders has a good business running. i deal with him personal because i am from windsor and dont go to pet shops anymore. his feeders and products are very clean, and has more supplies than just feeders. i've never dealt with feederfactory so i cannot give input on it
I've personally used Feeder Factory , Best Bug and I've been happy with both. I believe there is a new bug company in Ontario called Feeder Express also.
wow lisa, all the out west and still using a company all the way down here. that's awesome. glad you've had great experience working with Rob

He's super nice to deal with, and his crickets are great! The shipping kills me ($25 per shipment), but I like what he has, so I deal with him.
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