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hey everyone, i recently put a feeder cup in my jackson's cage. it is the milk-jug design with the side cut out and drainage holes in the bottom of it, along with mesh screen on the sides. I have about 7-8 crickets in there and he already ate one of them but has eaten no more. I am pretty sure he knows its in there but he hasn't been eating very much. He has been drinking alot of water, but the crickets are sitting ducks and he is not really eating. This is the first time he has been fed out of a feeder device. Also, his enclosure is 4ft tall 2ft wide and 1.5ft deep. The milk-jug is on the bottom left corner ontop of one of the soil pots, should be in plain view.

Please Help
You may want to suspend it higher up in the cage. Chams dont really like going to the bottom of the cage in that it is not natural to them. Try suspending it about half way up the cage and let us know.

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