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Just ordered a 250 count of 1/4" feeder crickets from LLL. Got to say, I am already feeling more comfortable with these crickets then the store boughts from petco or the local pet shop. The description of the feeders is outstanding and having bought my Cham and its startup kit from them, I know I am in with a good company.

That said, my cricket keeper is only big enough for like 30 crickets!! Any ideals on a good enclosure, escape free for 250 1/4" crickets, I have some tupperware drawers around the house that are free, none with lids, but they are 8-12" high.
Suggestions? Where to store the crickets once in the keeper, next to the Chams enclosure? Outside? In the cabinet like storage area under the chams enclosure?
How much did you pay shipped.Ive been looking around trying to find the cheapest crickets with shipping.I know wormman has a good deal of 1000 for 25 dollars shipped.
i just had this problem when i brought home 1000 1/4's i ended up using a med sized rubbermaid bin to put the cricketsin then put that bin in a large rubbermaid, this way the ones that jump outta the main container when i open it to get some, just land in the bigger one.
I apologize for the wrong forum....thought i was in the other one...

The receipt has 0$ shipping, which I had just noticed. Not sure if that is correct or not, but if so thats outstanding being it is overnight (should ship tomorrow and receive thursday) It was 250$ for 24$, which price per cricket is about what I have been spending, maybe a few cents lower now, but i never knew what I was getting before. Ive had to track down a few 1" crickets in the enclosure with 1/4" crickets...

Hoj, I like that ideal, I may try that and hope that I can find a lid or something to cover the external container with. As far as temperature, humidty, and air go. Are there requirements for that when keeping these feeders alive? I know to toss some good gutload food in there, I have Kale, Collard Greens, Apples, and oranges ready, but do I need to poke holes in the containers or keep them cool/warm?
i cut a large hole in the top of both containers and hot glued a pies of window sceen ofev to keep them in. i beleive that your biggest enemy with cricket health is humidity. but venting holes will help this. also you will find alot more survive the cleaner you keep it. some dry gutload is helpfull as well and easy to use and clean.
and as a random question for this topic.

Crickets that feed on fruit that has become moldy, is it safe to say that those crickets should be tossed out....

I had a few oranges that had grown some white fuzz on them after a day and a half and there were crickets still eating it. I decided to toss all crickets in that keeperas well as the fruit, then wash the keeper in the dishwasher
There are some good videos on youtube for keeping large amounts of crickets. And probably some good guides if you search google or whatever.

This is what I have gathered from videos and watching online. I have no experience so take this as you may:
Ventilation is key for keeping them alive. Definitely cut some holes and screen them. And make sure they have ample hiding places with the egg crate stuff or paper towel rolls. Keep them fed, and clean out any dead ones. They may smell also, so that may help your location decision. The dead ones are what smell the worst so like I said, keep it cleaned out.

There is a recent thread here about how much they can smell, but also good cricket keeping discussion was had as well. Try and find that. (I'm on my phone, or id find it for you)
So my question is this; I feed my finches the same fruits and veggies I feed my crix, but I have to remove the food from birds cause of the bacteria, does the same go for the crix? Or do they digest the bacteria quickly and it won't hurt my Panther?
Thanks Ryan, I assume thats your name since its mine and everyone calls me Rhyno. I'll have a look for the thread and am thinking maybe the garage is a good place for them to be kept at, or atleast the laundry room since temperatures in the garage may reach well over 100 when summer hits
am I evil for laughing at the fact that half the neighborhood has dead greens in their yard, including mine..lol. I did dump the 500 "too big" crickets in my backyard being that its all field grass (I rent the house and the homeowner did not sod the back yard, so every two weeks I have 4' high wheat, sunflowers, and weeds that I need to cut). I felt that crickets would have a field day back there. It seems as though they didnt enjoy it and jumped the fence to my front yard eating my bushes, and the neighbors yards (5 houses down) eating everything as well. Oops :D
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