Feeder care?


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Hey :)

I'm trying to be slightly self sufficient in my feeder keeping!

I currently have some adult dubia to start a colony with, and have some under heating in the form of a heat mat.

I also have a number of locusts at the moment, and was wondering what kind of heat is best for them? At the moment they are in a large plastic tub with a lid near the radiator for heat, but its not an ideal place so need to move them. Would they be better with a light bulb for heat, or a heat mat? Also, I intend to change the lid for a mesh lid as soon as I get round to making one!

I have morio worms too - heat mat for those too?

(my house is cold!)


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I can talk about dubias, and the heat mat is good, but I would pm some of the other people in England as we don't have the same feeders you have.
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