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Hi all,

I was supposed to receive an adult panther today from a wonderful forum member (from CA), but the package is stuck in Indianapolis. He will not be delivered until tomorrow. The night time temperature there is below freezing, so I called and asked to have the package stored in a warm place, which the Fedex rep said they would do. For those of you who have experienced shipment delays, did your cham make it? I am very worried, but there's nothing else I can do.:(

Thank you.



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This happened to me and the chameleon was delayed a day. He made he trip fine.

If he is packed properly he will be ok even if the temp drops. It is nerve wrecking but chances are high that he will make it fine.

Be sure to give him lots of water when he does arrive

What was the reason for the delay? Are they having bad weather in that part of the country?


If he is a healthy adult and the packing is proper, he/you should be just fine, especially if they said they would put him somewhere inside.


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good to hear that he arrived well but maybe you should have him checked out by a vet, just in case?
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