Favorite Panther Locale?

Favorite Panther Locale?

  • Ambanja

    Votes: 106 12.4%
  • Ambilobe

    Votes: 283 33.1%
  • Ankaramy

    Votes: 13 1.5%
  • Diego Suarez

    Votes: 8 0.9%
  • Nosy Be

    Votes: 146 17.1%
  • Nosy Faly

    Votes: 88 10.3%
  • Nosy Mitsio

    Votes: 62 7.3%
  • Sambava

    Votes: 70 8.2%
  • Tamatave

    Votes: 25 2.9%
  • Cross Locale

    Votes: 31 3.6%
  • Other Locale

    Votes: 22 2.6%

  • Total voters


Staff member
Among the options listed below, which locale is your favorite? Is there a specific animal that helped to form your decision? Perhaps there is a certain color you enjoy most or a geographical area you are fond of.

Diego Suarez
Nosy Be
Nosy Faly
Nosy Mitsio
Cross Locale
Other Locale


1) Nosy Mitsio
2) Ambilobe (especially a high red w/ blue bars)
3) Nosy Be

My favorite chameleon I've ever owned was a high-red Ambilobe named "The Ultimate Donnie"

I've seen some Falys that are pretty awesome too...


New Member
Nosy mitsios because of their beautiful green and yellow.
Nosy faly because I love their red rain.
Crossed because I love the range of colors they can show.

What is a Diego suarez.?


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I think it would be very interesting to know if all things were equal and available which one people would like the best just based on color and pattern. I think many base "favorite" locale on what is hardest to get which effects 'most sought after'. I truly feel that if all things were the same you would be hard pressed to fined a locale more beautiful and with more diversity than ambilobe or ambanja.
I know I fall pray to this same thing because when I look at the list above my first thought is Nosy Mitsio, but that is largely due to already having 4 Nosy Faly's. But when people see my collection hands down the favorite is my Ambilobe.


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Great thread brad:D I currently keep falys,nosybe's and ambilobes When most people falys hatch they pray for red rain and white,When there nosybe get going, they look for that blue that glows! but with ambilobes you get it all....


Biologist & Ecologist
Panther crosses (particularly with heavy blue and some red).
I've reached a point where I've grown tired of seeing how most individuals within a locale look similar to each other. I am now way more interested in combining locales and seeing what they produce. Often the individuals stand alone, looking like no other panther. Where as my Ambilobe was one of any 1,000 just the same, in my opinion.

However, if I had to choose I would say Ambanjas are my favorite pure locale, the ones with lots of blue.


im fond of the blues but also the bohoras thats not on the list!!! But i do love the crosses of nosey be's and ambanjas produce some of the most unique looking panthers out there!!! the blues and purples just can't be beat!!! imo!!!


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Bb ambilobe becuz they are usually showing some color,most of the other locals have to be fired up to look good. I like all panthers though.


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I love nosey be's. I have Ambilobes and an ambanja but no nosey be. Idk how I don't have my favorite locale yet but i haven't found the perfect nosey be yet!! :(:(:(


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My tamatave!! I do want a Nosy be one day though. A cross between this bright orange nd those deep blues...I'd love to see what you get.
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