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I was just wondering what types of food everyone's chameleons like best.

do they seem to have a favorite veggie or insect?
Unfortunately mine seems to like best those insects which are not that good for him. (waxworms, zophoba worms).
Also he has lately only been receptive to crickets or roaches that I place on a branch or on the screen rather than in his feeder cup.
I am hoping to be able to offer mantids and other species of roaches soon. I know he's bored. Variety is truly key!

Mine seems to like flying insects too - any flying insect. He goes bonkers trying to catch them.

With the crawling insects, he goes through stages. Right now he seems to like silkworms best, but there was a stage he wouldn't touch them. He's been through a zophoba phase, a mealworm phase, and although crickets are a consistent staple, there are times he won't touch those...

Favourite veggie would probably be his Bougainvillea plant...
Silkies and Hornworms are Paoluo's personal favorite. He could gulp down 15 crix, and still take a silky or a hornworm.
Shiver loves her waxworms but they're restricted now lol, she also loves her locusts and flies :D
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