Fans & Air Conditioners?


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So, thinking ahead here, as spring still hasn't sprung up here, but I'm rearranging some furniture this weekend, and moving cages around. So I'm still sort of debating placement, and how hot summer days will affect the chameleons. I mean, I"m hoping to actually have them OUTside as much as possible, but when they're inside I don't want them overheating if they're in a more stagnant corner, nor freezing if they're in the main A/C blast either. Also wondering about the effect of fans, which is how we normally deal with the bedrooms.
See upstairs we only have a window air conditioner, and only one window it will fit in appropriately, in our "living roomish" kind of area. If a cage goes anywhere in there, it will get a major chill even on the opposite side of the room (I know because our computer used to be there and I'd have to wrap myself in a blanket. lol)
In the one bedroom we usually have an oscillating fan going, pretty much 24/7.
In the other bedroom there is a ceiling fan, and usually an oscillating fan as well.
So, questions:

a) Will the fans bother the chameleons? Or will it just be a refreshing breeze in an otherwise kinda stuffy room?

b) Would the chill of the air conditioner bother the chameleons? Or would it just be like winter - most of cage is kinda chilly, up near basking spot is fine?

I'm just concerned because we had one really warm day last week and I had to turn my one basking light off cause it got too hot. Then we had snow a few days later, and it was freezing in here. So I'm imagining that's what it's going to be like in summer.


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I turn the fan on whenever I'm in the Cham room, but on a low setting. A long as you have good temperature gradients and appropriate temps at the basking spot and the fan isnt always on it will be fine. It can decrease humidity being on so you may have to compensate for that. I added a cool mist humidifier, which will help in the summer if you're temps are getting too high. Also experiment with different wattage basking bulbs. The bulbs I use in the winter are twice the wattage of the summer bulbs. Best not to put them right in front of the air conditioner vent because cool air blowing on them is not ideal, nor is all the particulate matter (dust, etc) blowing on them. Angle the vent away from the cages if nothing else.


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Just don't aim the fan breeze directly at the cage will dry them out a lot faster. Or, you could get some sort of mesh diffuser for the fans that go right over the whole frame. What about tilting the fan so it blows up or down?

I would worry more about how drying the AC air will be than the chill unless you are trying to get the room really cold (mid 60s). Again, diffuse the force of the airflow near the cages or put something on the side closest to the AC and keep close track of their humidity levels. AC really sucks the moisture out.
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