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Old man Faly needs a home. This may be the largest Nosy Faly in captivity! At this size he looks to be more than a couple years old. Pricing reflects his senior status, not recommended for beginners.He is strong but a bit on the thin side. Price: 275 shipped.*

I have a small group of Captive Hatched (wild caught parents from last year) proven Ambilobe ladies that are 3-3.5 months old. Sibling males have been displaying yellow bodies with blues and reds starting to develop. Price: 160 shipped each. 2 for 260 shipped 3 for 350 shipped. Five day health guarantee included.

I also have multiple adult female Tamatave panther chameleons available. They arrived just 1 week ago and have been acclimating quite well. Price 300 shipped each.* http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc416/Panther_Guy/Tamatave%20042211/Tamatave%20females%20042211/tam51.jpg

Let me know if you have any questions.

[email protected]

*WC chameleons - I offer a satisfaction guarantee upon arrival, health guarantees are not included for any wild caught chameleons.


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