Fake Rock Background


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does anyone have a how-to or walkthrough of how to make a fake rock background for a terrarium? im really wanting to make one for my new cage. or a decently priced one to fit in a 18x36 inch terrarium?
Look on youtube. I saw one on youbtube a guy made that showed you how to from beginning to end. Didnt save it but Im sure its still there.
dear god i wish i was talented like that... think i am going to get the Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Backgroundor the Zoo Med Natural ForestTile Background. anyone have experience with these?
I am really tempted to make a tall tank for pygmies, all planted with a rock background. I just need to source some pygmies. New Year project ;-)

I swear I don't have a 1.2 lying around ;)
Trade for some nozzles :D
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