Fake Plants


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lol Yeah i've been to exotic life before as well. Ok, I just wanted to share something which is cooler and a whole heck of a lot cheaper then buying plants from petstores, in wal-mart or Jo Anns you know how they have like fake vines and stuff well I went to Jo Anns the other day to to see what they had (vine wise) and I got a whole bunch of vines and flowers for only about $5 to decorate my new chameleons cage.


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I always use live plants but I do also use fake vines just to fill in the extra space that my live plants. I get them at Micheals (arts and craft store).

Those vines are good, they're much cheaper at walmart, if I recall. BE careful wiht veileds. Veileds WILL eat those and become impacted. They can't bite through them, but they'll wrench them off the "stem".
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