Fake plant question

You'd better clean everything (the cage, plants which include fake ones, etc) once in a while. I clean my cages every two weeks. I take them outside and blast them with water. I don't use any chemicals (including soap) just because there may be some residue. For the live plants, I take them out of the cage, water them and wash them. I have 2 scheffleras for each cage, but I use one at a time. Every cleaning I switch the plant that way they get some sunlight for 2 weeks and grow properly. The fake plants and vines, I dip in very hot water to kill off any bacteria, and then just scrub them. Again, no chemicals.
I washed my fake plants with soap and water (rinsed well) before I put them in the cage the first time and haven't cleaned them since. Nothing really touches them except water from misting, which would wash off dust. If there are droppings on the leaves I I'll take ose out and wash them, but if there's nothing on them and they dry out daily I don't see any reason to wash them regularly. It's not like your Cham is eating them...
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