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I just purchased a 3 month old panther chameleon a couple days ago. When i mist him, sometimes one of his eyes will swell up and get bigger, and it sort of "pulses". It really freaks me out when it happens and i was just curious what it could be? A little while after misting it goes away and the eye is normal looking and functions normally. Thanks!
yea its normal...wait until you actually see the tongue slip out of the slit in the eyelid... That happened once when one got some sand in the eye.
yep it's normal I freaked out at first also, was wondering if his eye was gonna explode or something from the bubble that would form when he'd blink sometimes.

I didn't know that they cleaned it with their tongue though!! so when they clean their eye they're actually licking it from the inside? crazy creatures
i think he was saying how he didnt know that and got it from a different question. the right information that he is inflating his eye to get out the water or something in his eye, as jboysen said
Bulging action is perfectly normal during misting, especially from my experience with a veiled it usually happens 1 to 2 minutes into misting. It bulges for a while then stops. I've never seen my cham do that when i'm not misting. (It freaked me out the first time too. I seriously thought it was going to pop.)

One thing to remember is to mist from the top generally since rain falls down, and certainly doesn't go sideways. Unless you are in a hurricane.

Well anyways, the point is, side spraying/misting bugs a chams eyes. To get the feeling, look directly to a spray bottle head and pull the handle.
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